AMP Energy Consulting Services

Invoice Auditing and Account Reconciliations

AMP will review your invoicing to ensure all your accounts are being billed properly, determining that each meter is classified correctly, that number of meters/lights coincide with physical inventories, and that REP billed data is in accordance with TDSP reported usage and demand.

Ongoing Invoice Monitoring

AMP will review your invoices on a monthly basis and alert you if any meteror account falls outside of your specified usage and/or cost bandwidths, helping to identify any possible issues at the onset.

Power Factor Assessment Analysis

Power Factor is a measure of how effectively electrical power is being used. For certain meters with a Power Factor below 95%, the monthly billed demand may be adjusted upwards increasing monthly costs. It is crucial to determine the cost-effectiveness and return on investment when considering power factor correction, and AMP can identify you identify these costs and recommend savings alternatives.

Ratchet Demand Charge Assessment Analysis

Many commercial accounts are billed based on a “ratcheted” demand, meaning that the monthly demand billed may not reflect your actual demand, but a value based off a ratio of the highest demand over the preceding 11 months. AMP can identify meters being billed under a ratchet, calculate the magnitude of the ratchet assessments, and help you identify ways to reduce or omit these costs in the future.

Electric Budget Preparation

AMP can prepare customized electricity budget estimates by meter, by department, or any grouping of your choice by adjusting your historical usage to incorporate any recent or upcoming changes to your consumption, as well as any implemented or scheduled TDSP rate adjustments.

Governmental Energy Report Preparation

Governmental entities are required to submit various energy reports annually, including HB 3693, SB 898 (formerly SB 12/SB 5), etc. AMP will keep track of which reports you are required to submit, prepare the reports on your behalf, and make sure they are submitted on time.

Continuing Service Agreement Monitoring

A Continuous Service Agreement (CSA) addresses the unique needs of property owners and managers by automatically transferring electric service into the property’s name once a tenant has moved out. In properties that frequently have tenants moving in and out, it becomes difficult for property managers to determine when units are added and dropped from their billing. AMP will monitor your invoicing and notify you each month of any units added and/or dropped from your bill, as well as any units with an increase in usage, to help ensure that all tenants have taken over their electric services.

Historic Consumption and Cost Comparisons

AMP will prepare customized reports providing you insights into changes in usage, demand, costs, or virtually any electricity related component you may be interested in comparing over time.

Liaison to Retail Electric and Utility Providers

AMP will act as liaison between you and your electric providers, providing you with a single, personal point of contact, who is familiar with you and your accounts, to assist you with your electric consumption and invoicing inquiries, as opposed to calling a general 1-800 number.

Contract Review and Compliance Monitoring

AMP provides an independent review of third party electric bid responses to provide you with an unbiased assessment of the contract terms and ultimate cost variations between each. Additionally, AMP can review your current contract terms to ensure you invoicing adheres to your contract terms and work with your REP to recover any refunds due from discrepancies discovered.

Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

AMP will evaluate opponents claims, assist in determining damages, prepare expert reports, review settlement offers, and provide expert witness testimony.

Monthly or Annual Packages Available

(customized to include services on an ongoing or as needed basis)

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