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Jay Doegey, City Attorney, City of Arlington, Texas President, Texas Coalition for Affordable Power

Posted at July 27, 2012 | Categories : Testimonial |

“Caitlin Bowdish manages several thousand electric service accounts for members of the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power. She is extremely knowledgeable in monitoring billing platforms, analyzing electric usage, detecting billing errors, and securing remedial actions when necessary. She also compiles the data used to report our energy usage and conservation to the State Energy Conservation Office. In addition to top notch technical and analytical skills, Ms. Bowdish is an outstanding, cordial, and readily available resource to answer our questions and provide advice on billing and customer service matters. She is extremely versatile and effective in communicating with the technical, financial, and management personnel of her clients and their electric providers. The members of Texas Coalition for Affordable Power rely upon Ms. Bowdish to provide accurate and dependable advice and oversight of their electric service accounts.”

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